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8 Top Tips for working from home

  1. Have a morning routine – shower, dress, breakfast before starting work. Don’t turn up to your day in PJ’s with bed hair!
  2. Self-check regularly to ensure you’re not holding an awkward position or being in place for too long
  3. Alternate tasks to use different muscle groups
  4. Avoid working too long on a task, break up long tasks with shorter ones
  5. You’ll probably have fewer interruptions at home, which could lead to fewer breaks from working. Follow the 20/20/20 guideline – take a 20-second stretch break every 20 minutes and look 20 metres away
  6. If you miss the noise and energy of an office environment play music or the radio in the background
  7. Keep hydrated and eat healthily, don’t make your 20-second stretch break a trip to the lollie jar!
  8. Have an end of day routine – maybe go for a walk or get exercise, try and keep work and home life separated.

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