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Office Flu Fighting: 3 Quick Tips


As chilly weather continues to make itself known, the fight against winter illnesses continues in workplaces all around the country. No one likes coming down with seasonal bugs, and staff illness can mean potential disruption and loss of productivity for businesses, but here’s the good news: a handful of simple workday precautions can tip the balance in your favour.

Hand Hygiene

In principle, we all know it’s a good idea to keep our hands clean, but in practice this can sometimes fall by the wayside. Consider a quick hand wash before heading to the lunch area, for example: it takes less than 30 seconds, and is highly effective at preventing the spread of all kinds of nasties.

Stock up on handwash that will make a real difference for your workplace – its easy to find excellent options with NXP. This month from NXP you can get a free Ecostore 425ml antibacterial handwash with every Ecostore 5L handwash purchased, making it even easier and more cost-effective to keep your office healthy.

Mask Up

If there’s one thing the world has learned over the last couple years, it’s the importance of masks in stunting the spread of respiratory illnesses. While many office-type jobs don’t require masks, it can still be valuable to have them on hand for staff who want to take extra precautions.

Masking up can be particularly worthwhile when you’re visiting other teams or heading to large-scale meetings like company-wide town halls, so if there’s a supply of masks accessible to those who feel they need them, it can make a real difference. Whether your business could benefit from affordable daily-use disposable masks, highly protective N95 or P2 models, or other surgical-grade options, it’s easy to order exactly what you need from NXP.

Clean & Green

Keeping workplace surfaces sanitised and sparkling clean is essential, especially when the flu is going around, but you don’t always have to use toxic chemicals to get the job done. There’s a new generation of innovative eco-friendly cleaning products which are just as effective as traditional chemical cleaners, without all the environmental downsides.

Keep desks clean, fight kitchen grime, and keep viruses on the back foot: NXP’s eco-conscious NXPlanet range has thousands of sustainable solutions for you. This month, you can find hot deals on a varied selection of commercial-grade cleaning products which protect you and your workmates, while still being kind to the planet.

Don’t give up the fight against flu: let NXP help you and your office get through winter in one piece.

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