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The Office Upgrades You Really Deserve


In our daily work environments, even a small upgrade can often make a big difference. Whether it’s enabling greater productivity or boosting staff satisfaction, there are many genuine benefits to making sure our workspaces are well equipped and feel good to work in. Below are just a few simple ways to enhance your office – it won’t be long before you notice the difference!

Best Seats in the House

With so much time spent sitting down in our modern work lives, the quality and comfort of the chairs we sit in is crucial. Upgrading your office chairs is a simple change which can instantly improve staff experience. This isn’t purely about comfort either: with quality seating that supports good posture, the risk of muscle strain and repetitive injury is greatly reduced.

You can find excellent office chairs at hot prices this month with NXP: upgrading your office seating can be sorted in mere minutes, with the chance to order furniture alongside all your regular business supplies. Don’t miss the opportunity: it’s time to raise the seating standards in your workplace.

Washroom Wonders

When workplace washrooms aren’t in a great state, it doesn’t take long for people to notice. With the right washroom dispensers however, you can save money, reduce mess, and raise hygiene standards. Hands free options remove physical contact points and avoid the wastage of pump-style bottles, stainless steel toilet paper dispensers provide sturdy options for high-attrition areas, high capacity models avoid the hassle of frequent refills… there’s excellent options for every space.

With NXP’s new washroom self-audit tool, it takes just two minutes to discover the best dispensers for your washroom. Our team will then get in touch to help you take advantage of our free-on-loan dispenser programme: it’s as easy as that.

A Good Buzz

We all need a little workday pick-me-up from time to time, so having good coffee on hand can make a huge difference for staff productivity and overall happiness. Most workplaces have some kind of free caffeine options, but providing staff with great tasting coffee is an upgrade that won’t go unnoticed.

Prima coffee comes from a Christchurch-based team dedicated to excellent roasting techniques, as well as ethical sourcing and sustainability. Even better, this month you get the chance to win a Moccamaster Classic coffee machine for your workplace with every Prima coffee purchase.

Don’t settle for an average office: upgrade today with NXP.

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