Supplier Ordering, Delivery & Packaging Instructions

Net Express NZ Limited T/A Winc

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All Distribution Centres operate a booking schedule for all palletised deliveries. This allows suppliers and transport providers to have surety of a free delivery window.

The booking information should include Winc purchase order number and vendor, pallet qty and a requested time slot if you have one.
Contact details and preferred communication method for each location is as below.

The booking time slot needs to be adhered to, ensuring all providers get a prompt response unload and turnaround.

Booking times and requirements are stipulated by location as below.
Deliveries in all locations are only accepted between the hours stipulated for each location.

Any variances to delivery volume, purchase order or time slot will be marked and notified back to the procurement team.

Any courier parcel freight which is non-palletised can be delivered between the delivery hours and does not require a booking slot or timeframe. This should not exceed 10 ctns at any one time. Large volumes of ctns as courier freight may be rejected and requested to be palletised and rebooked.

All deliveries must be signed for by a Winc staff member or scanned with an approved ATL barcode label.

Winc does not operate a Chep account, we are happy to offer Chep pallets as one to one swaps where we have Chep pallets available; if a location does not have a Chep pallet available then it is the transport provider’s requirement to complete the appropriate Chep pallet variance form. A transport provider cannot return to Winc at a later date requesting additional Chep pallets for a previous delivery.

Winc will not hold or stockpile Chep pallets for a transport provider or vender, however we will endeavour to have Chep pallets available for one to one swap outs where ever possible.

Auckland Distribution Centre

49 Waiouru Road, Highbrook, East Tamaki
8am to 12 noon delivery window, pallets must be booked 24hrs in advance
Preferred method to book pallets is e-mail
Direct phone 09 2717676

Wellington Distribution Centre

155 Hutt Park Road, Gracefield
8am to 12:30 delivery window, pallets must be booked 24hrs in advance
Preferred method to book pallets is e-mail
Alternative phone number for bookings 021 578689

Christchurch Distribution Centre

3 Desi Place, Hillsborough
8:30 to 12:30 Delivery Timeframe, bookings for pallets accepted same day
Preferred method to book pallets is phoning 03 3316818

All products delivered to a Winc location are required to meet the following criteria.

Specialised/ Customised material must be labelled.
All specialised, printed or customised materials coming into warehouse must be packaged and supplied in the qty and description as per the PO information.
This must include the Winc material part number, product description including UOM.

Each saleable unit must be fit for storage.
Goods must arrive in a manner that their condition will not be affected by storage. Packaging must be suitable for storage and not affect the standard of the material.
Repackaging of materials for storage on arrival is not a viable option.
e.g. Paper products must be wrapped and secured from dirt and dust.
Packaged materials must comply with the UOM on the Winc PO.

Each material should be packaged in a condition fit for purpose.
Goods must arrive with packaging that supports a fair and reasonable storage and transportation method. Goods with wrapping that can split or break under reasonable operating conditions pose a future adjustment loss.

Packing slips must match Winc PO details
Information supplied on the packing slip or invoice supplied with the goods must relate to the saleable UOM as per the PO and give a clear indication of the materials supplied and the purchase order number. If a material is partial supplied it should say so. IE.
5 pkts 12345678 Printed Forms PKT250, 25 to follow

Item Size, items cannot be stored that are oversized/ over weight
We have limitations in our transportation and distribution abilities, any material with a single dimension over 1000mm or over 25kg or 20L must be signed off prior to selection approval by the National Inventory Manager.

Cartons must be labelled consistently and with PO UOM on them
All ctns relating to a material are to be delivered with a label (same as material label) on the outside of the ctn with a qty of how many are on that ctn.
e.g. Label highlights material x 50 in the ctn.
All supplied ctns should have standard and consistent measures in them.
e.g. Do not supply a ctn of 49 and a ctn of 51 for an order of 100 pkts of material


Download a copy of our Supplier Terms & Conditions here.