NXP Case Studies

NZ Couriers

With a desire to bring their approximately 110 Christchurch staff under one roof for the first time with direct access to the airport, the Freightways Group undertook building a new fit for purpose hub located in Dakota Park.

The Freightways Group houses a large number of brands within the express package, business mail and information management industries including New Zealand Couriers.

Housing the various brands under one roof would enable collaboration, and the sharing of ideas amongst staff leading to improved efficiencies and coordination.

The Challenge

NXP Business Interiors engaged with Freightways in a series of initial meetings and workshops helping to identify the project scope, needs and timelines.

The initial consultations and workshops were important to help identify and ensure the functional needs of each business unit were understood.

Educating the key decision makers, office staff, managers and project managers on current workplace trends and suitable furniture solutions was an equally important part of the process.

The budget for the project played an important factor as it had been estimated several years before building commenced, it was important that this was recognised and the costs remain in control.

The Solution

Our furniture proposal reflected our consultative findings and Business Interiors was selected as one of the preferred supply partners for this project.

Electric sit­-to-­stand desks, Media booths and X-­Code task chairs were key products in this project.

The business units have nicely defined spaces, separated by shared furniture items, such as multifunctional bar leaners and media booths which add a colour pop and provide collaborative meeting places.

The Results

Previously coming from a more traditional office style & layout, the new furniture implemented has provided a refreshing change and been well received by management and staff.

Providing a space in which the staff from multiple business units can collaborate and grow together.

As both supplier and customer to New Zealand Couriers, NXP was delighted to have had an opportunity to assist their business in transforming to a better way of working.