NXP Case Studies


It’s the work we don’t see that helps keep business ticking over. That’s where Spotless comes in.

Spotless provides integrated facilities management services in a diverse range of environments across Australia and New Zealand. Their workforce of more than 33,000 people can be found behind the scenes on any given day, from airline lounges, to major sporting venues and city offices.

Spotless offers businesses increased efficiency through more than 100 support services, and they came to nxp looking for help from an experienced supply partner to enhance their cleaning service solution.

The Challenge

Businesses need to continually improve their operations to stay ahead of the game. To do just that, Spotless explored how they could improve efficiencies within their supply chain and become more consistent in the way they operate.

As a result, in 2013, tenders were put to market for Hygiene Paper & Soaps, and Cleaning Hardware. These facilities categories for Spotless are mission critical, as they use them to carry out their core business. Without these supplies, they are unable to operate. The chosen supply partner would need to be extremely competitive, with a robust supply chain capable of delivering large volumes fast and error-free.

The Solution

Our strategic partnership offering, along with our national footprint resulted in us being awarded the Spotless contract.

We were able to show Spotless how they could take considerable complexity out of their business. Not only could we provide greater visibility through reporting capabilities, but we also promised to help Spotless save on product and labour costs.

The implementation was highly collaborative between both organisations. Daily meetings took place to deal with the large volume of work required within the project’s tight timeframe. Direct engagement from our senior leadership throughout the entire process provided Spotless with strong levels of confidence in their dedication to take on this very large partnership opportunity.

The Results

Dynamic reporting was key in attaining the lofty goals set by Spotless. The customised reporting suite NXP created was a resounding success. We worked closely with Spotless, including attending monthly and quarterly review meetings, to get feedback on what information was important to them. Contract and product compliance have both increased since, resulting in direct savings to Spotless’ bottom line. On the supply chain front, we were able to streamline processes for Spotless allowing Spotless staff to order a ‘pre-built’ product, complete with all chemicals and equipment, via one code.

NXP also developed an automatic ordering and replenishment process for Spotless. Using barcoding software exclusive to us, a Vending Solutions merchandiser regularly scans and orders a set list and quantity of frequently-used items, topping them back up to the maximum level. Both companies continue to work closely together to remove complexity from operations and help Spotless do what they do best – keeping businesses clean.

By numbers, an implementation of this size typically takes more than six weeks. NXP were able to complete the NZ implementation in under 5 weeks.

Both companies continue to work closely together to remove complexity from operations and help Spotless do what they do best – keeping businesses clean.