Ideal Electrical

Ideal Electrical
September 25, 2016 NXP Workspaces





Ideal Electrical is New Zealand’s leading electrical wholesale supplier of sustainable, innovative products and services for automation, technical supply and energy management. Founded in 1936 by a dedicated and experienced team of home grown industry professionals, Ideal Electricals’ extensive network services the electrical supply needs of residential, commercial and industrial sectors nationwide.



 With a new building construction already underway, NXP were invited to scope business interiors that would support Ideal Electricals business operations, exhibit quality furnishings to their clients and improve productivity for their employees. Having already exceeded budget in the construction build, NXP collaborated with Ideal Electrical to develop a furniture solution that would fulfil a defined purpose. Ideal required an innovative storage solution that would store large volumes of catalogues and instruction manuals as well as a multi-purpose staff area that would cater for both office employees and trade workers.



Throughout the planning process of 600 SQM of office space, NXP identified a custom double-sided storage unit to alleviate the need for a built in solution as part of the reception area design. The staff area design provided multiple break out areas and incorporated furnishings with robust surfaces to accommodate trade workers. All furniture and fabrics were selected from a colour palette that enhanced Ideals brand and included contrast elements that exhibited innovation and creativity, including ergonomic furnishings and monitor arms.



Despite the whole building construction being behind schedule, the NXP Workspaces fit-out was carried out seamlessly and on time with minimal remedial work. Across a modest office space, Ideal Electrical has successfully achieved an innovative working space to accommodate more employees and support the businesses future business strategy. The effective service delivery has led to a nationwide furniture review to assess how NXP Workspaces can further assist the sister branches with updated interiors.


“Out of all the suppliers and tradies we had to deal with during the recent new build, NXP Workspaces was the most pleasant and easiest to deal with. They totally understood our requirements and just made it happen. We will not hesitate to use NXP Workspaces again.”

Appropriated from a business review of the project: Jane Wilson made comment that out of all the suppliers and tradies they had to deal with during their recent new build Pete was the most pleasant and easiest person to deal with,  He totally understood their requirements and just made it happen.

Jane will not hesitate to use NXP again in the Christchurch rebuild that is currently on the table.


  • Zintra Acoustic Panel

    Zintra is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance, as well as aesthetics, are required.Zintra's wide range of colours and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality and institutional projects.Lightweight, 12mm thick compressed polyester board. Offers sound absorption, ability to apply to walls, ceilings, or double sided for screens/partitions.Jarvis
  • C.ME Monitor Arm

    The C.ME monitor arm is available in single, double, triple and quad arm configurations and has a range of standard finishes including white, black and polished aluminium.Thinking Works
  • Twiggy

    Designed by Helene Tiedemann, the Twiggy coathanger adds whimsy to any interior with a stunning organic shape that resembles buds and branches. Twiggy comes in a neat easy case and takes less than a minute to assembly.Available in the following colours:
    • Black
    • White
    • Ocean grey
    • Vintage red
    • Yellow
    • Coat Hanger - 480mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 1680mm(h)
    • Wall 1- 140mm(w) x 170mm(d) x 410mm(h)
    • Wall 2 - 280mm(w) x 180mm(d) x 850mm(h)
    • Wall 3 - 320mm(w) x 240mm(d) x 1180mm(h)
    Product Detail: Made in solid wood with a powder coated metal connector. Connector is also available in chrome.ji_logotyp_cmyk_0
  • Flag Coat Stand

    Flag coat stand is the result of the synthesis between form and function, featuring a harmonious union of elements that make it seemingly a single material. The arms are connected to the polypropylene tube steel support organically producing the required function.Flag is a versatile piece of furniture that fits in all contexts thanks to its clean design and possibility to vary the position of the four arms to create new geometries.pedrali