Story Sofa
  • Story 2 Seater High Back
  • story_2-s_lido_och_sole_back-2
  • story_2-s_lido_och_sole_side
  • story_2-s_rami_8200_and_8500_hem
  • story_2-sits
  • story_2-sits_med_2_niv_er_side_shot
  • story_2-sits_med_p_byggnad_a_och_b_side_shot
  • story_3-sits
  • story_easy_chair_wooly
  • story_easy_chair-2_wooly
  • story_f_t_lj_och_pall
  • story_f_t_lj_side_shot
  • story_group_green_wooly
  • story_group_red_wooly
  • story_2-s_and_easy_chair_wooly

Designed by Helene Tiedemann, Story offers a way of using seating for sectioning off areas and activities, creating space within space. It is a tool kit that offers endless combinations, building sideways as well as upwards.

Story ‘s modular design reflects Scandinavian simplicity with calm welcoming lines and comfort – ideal for reception areas, breakout rooms, lobby and any collaborative workspace.

Create your ideal collaborative environment with any combination of Story products:

  • Easy chair
  • Easy chair with add-on A
  • 2-seater sofa
  • 2-seater sofa with add-on A+B
  • 3-seater sofa with add-on A
  • 3-seater sofa with add-on A+B

Product Detail: Wooden frame with nozag springing. Padding of high resiliency foam and polyester fiber. Round wooden legs in ash.